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Snowbound in a Scottish pub for a week

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Snow leads to ‘ultimate pub lock-in’

Two guests and five workers have been stuck at the Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge, Kirkbymoorside, North Yorks, since the area’s first snowfall on Nov 26, in what is being called “the ultimate lock-in”.

With snow drifts outside the pub up to 16 feet deep, vehicles have also been buried, meaning escape has proved impossible from the 16th-century freehouse, which at an elevation of 1,325ft advertises itself as the country’s fourth-highest pub.

Katie Underwood, 18, who has been a waitress at the Lion Inn for four years, said: “The novelty is definitely starting to wear off.”

Yet another drunk elephant rampage in India

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Elephants on drunken rampage kill three people

Binge-drinking elephants, drunk on local hooch, have killed three people and destroyed 60 homes in a four-day rampage in east India.

Yesterday they were reported by local officials to be sleeping off hangovers as shocked communities tried to clear the wreckage left by the 70-strong herd in remote villages on the borders of the states of Orissa and West Bengal.

With a local festival approaching, villagers had stockpiled the fermented-rice based drink which is stored in earthenware vessels and, according to Bijay Kumar Panda, a local administrator, the elephants found and drank it.

They then staggered through the surrounding area and began “to fall asleep hither and thither, throwing life completely haywire”.

According to the Pioneer newspaper, the “jumbos” are known “for their love of local country-made brews” which they “gulp down and make merry at the expense of the villagers”.

Chaos to strike Moscow in September

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Moscow to ban vodka sales after 10pm 

From the beginning of September, it will be illegal for the Russian capital’s supermarkets, shops and kiosks to sell vodka from 10pm to 10am.

The move will replace lax rules that theoretically forbid Moscow’s shops from selling the grain-based spirit from eleven at night to eight in the morning but which in practice allow them to sell vodka around the clock if they get a permit.

It comes as the Kremlin pushes ahead with the harshest anti-alcohol campaign since former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev’s draconian ban on vodka sales in 1985.

Mr Gorbachev, who became a hate figure for many ordinary Russians as a result of the ban, decreed that vodka could only be sold from two in the afternoon to seven at night.

His campaign prompted desperate drunks to rush to get their fix by imbibing perfume and other hazardous intoxicants instead.

Many of them died as a result.

Tractor rampage in China

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Drunken man kills 11 in China tractor rampage

A drunken man went on a rampage while driving a shovel loader in northern China, smashing into shops and vehicles and killing 11 people, a government spokesman said Monday.

The incident began when 38-year-old Li Xianliang killed a customer Sunday at the Hongyuan coal depot in Hebei provinces Yuanshi county where he worked driving a shovel loader, said a news release issued by the county government.

Li, who had been drinking, then drove his loader down an adjacent road, smashing into cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks and roadside shops, the news release said.

The tractor eventually came to a stop in a field where police subdued the man after the hour-long rampage.The man was taken into custody and likely faces the death penalty if convicted of murder.

“He had nothing else to do at that point, so he had another beer.”

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Trapped drunk driver opens another beer as awaits rescue

A drunk driver trapped after overturning his car cracked open another can of beer while he waited for emergency crews to rescue him, a New Zealand court was told.

Paul Nigel Sneddon, 47, pleaded guilty to careless driving and drunken driving after being nearly three times over the legal alcohol limit in a district court in the city of Palmerston North, the Dominion Post newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Police found Sneddon, a former baker, trapped in his overturned Ford Laser on June 1, drinking a can of beer after he failed to take a corner properly and crashed through a wooden barrier, flipping his vehicle.

Defense lawyer Peter Young said that when Sneddon found he could not open the doors, “he had nothing else to do at that point, so he had another beer.”

When asked by police how much he had consumed, Sneddon replied: “Plenty, I’ve been drinking for four days straight.”

It’s good to be a union official!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Prosecutors say N.J. carpenter’s union official rang up ‘epic’ go-go bar tabs

In the words of prosecutors, the bar tabs of Shawn Clark were “epic.”

Amid thumping music and twirling dancers, the former labor union official dropped $65,000 in seven years at go-go bars across New Jersey.

On average, prosecutors say, he hit clubs once or twice a week, buying pints of beer, bottles of chardonnay and shots of liquor chased by fizzy energy drinks at places like Johnny A’s Hitching Post in Paterson, Double D’s in Morristown and Pure Go Go in Manville. Some days he spent more than $1,000.

And every round, prosecutors say, was illegally charged to an American Express account belonging to the union where Clark was business manager.

“We are talking about hundreds and hundreds of liquid lunches, some lasting three to four hours … all on the union credit card,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan W. Romankow said during opening arguments today at Clark’s federal trial in Trenton.

Dark days at the Carlsberg brewery

Friday, April 9th, 2010

If Carlsberg did strikes… workers walk out over drinking ban

Beer deliveries around Copenhagen were interrupted this week after hundreds of Carlsberg workers walked out when the brewer tightened rules on workplace drinking and removed beer coolers from work sites.

The warehouse and production workers in Denmark are protesting against the company’s new alcohol policy, which allows them to drink beer only during lunch hours in the canteen.

Previously, they could help themselves to beer throughout the day, from coolers placed around the site. The only restriction was that they could not be drunk at work.

“It was up to each and everyone to be responsible,” Jens Bekke, a company spokesman said. “

There has been free beer, water and soft drinks everywhere,” he added.

“Yesterday, beers were removed from all refrigerators. The only place you can get a beer in future is in the canteen, at lunch.”

Drunk of the week

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Police: Drunk Pennsylvania Man Tried To ‘Revive’ Dead Opossum

State police have charged a central Pennsylvania man with public drunkenness after he was seen giving mouth-to-mouth “resuscitation” to a long-dead opossum along a highway.

Trooper Jamie Levier says several witnesses saw 55-year-old Donald Wolfe, of Brookville, near the animal along Route 36 in Oliver Township Thursday about 3 p.m.

The trooper says one person saw Wolfe kneeling before the animal and gesturing as though he were conducting a seance, while another saw the mouth-to-mouth attempt.

The world can learn a lot from Romania

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Romanian street sign warns drivers of ‘drunk pedestrians’

Officials in Pecica, a village town about 13 miles from the Hungarian border in the country’s west, ordered the bright red signs, complete with the phrase “Attention – Drunks”.

The 10 road signs, which also show a person crawling on their knees while clutching a glass in one hand, were erected in popular nightspot areas close to the city’s bars and restaurants.

Peter Antal, the Pecica Mayor, said the idea came after he visited an unnamed town in Germany, which had installed similar signs.

He said officials took action after a “despairing” number of accidents in the town, which has a population of about 13,000, caused by drunken revellers, with some even resulting in fatalities.

He said it was not motorists’ fault but blamed the town’s pedestrians, many of whom were not able to look out for themselves as they walked around the town, which is more than 300 miles west of the Romanian capital Bucharest

Scottish brewery reclaims strongest beer title

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Strongest beer title ‘reclaimed with Sink the Bismarck’:

A controversial Scottish brewery has said it has reclaimed the title of the world’s strongest beer from German rivals – with Sink the Bismarck at 41%.

BrewDog, of Fraserburgh, made headlines last year when it unveiled a 32% beer called Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

However, Schorschbrau released the 40% strength Schorschbock.

BrewDog said its newly released 41%, Sink the Bismarck, would cost £40 for a 330ml bottle and would only be sold online.

Tyrone starts out the New Year in fine form

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Police report: Beer in hand, he backs into 2010

A Memphis man went to jail New Year’s Day on a rash of charges after police found him drinking a 40-ounce beer while driving backward down a city street with a marijuana plant on the front seat.

At about 9 a.m. Friday, officers responded to a complaint that Tyrone Buckley, 51, was driving drunk around a parking lot in the 1000 block of Court in the Medical Center area.

According to an affidavit, officers spotted Buckley driving backward on nearby Waldran Boulevard.

According to police, Buckley smelled of alcohol and had a box on the passenger’s seat holding a marijuana plant.

.708 and still alive!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Woman’s blood alcohol content topples state records:

A Sturgis woman had a blood-alcohol level of .708 percent, possibly a state record, when she was found earlier this month behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle parked on Interstate 90, according to Meade County State’s Attorney Jesse Sondreal.

A South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper discovered Marguerite Engle, 45, on Dec. 1 passed out behind the wheel of a delivery truck reported stolen in Rapid City.

Her blood-alcohol level was almost nine times South Dakota’s legal limit of .08 percent.

Checks with local and state labs where blood-alcohol levels are tested suggest Engle’s reading may be the highest ever recorded in South Dakota, Sondreal said.

Sondreal said a state chemist recalled a sample that tested .53, but nothing higher, in his more than 30 years on the job.

“I knew it wasn’t the real Santa because Santa doesn’t drink alcohol”

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Drunk Santa scares kids while looking for his reindeer:

A drunken Santa Claus prompts a mom to call 911 after he stumbles into her yard apparently looking for his reindeer and scaring her kids.

 Officers ticketed 55-year-old Thomas Arnold of Sparta for having an open beer in a car. The man driving that car, 47-year-old Kevin Arnold, was arrested for OWI. But, the kids say they knew right away this Santa was a hoax.

“He smelled like alcohol. So I knew it wasn’t the real Santa because Santa doesn’t drink alcohol,” says 9-year-old Katie Dockerty.

Katie says the Santa that ended up in her lawn was loud and had really dirty hands. She says he tried to put his hat on her little sister.

Six-year-old Zoe describes him in one word: “Drunk.”

Yet another triumph for Russian science

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Professor Creates Alcohol in a Pill:

A Russian professor has evolved a technique that turns alcohol into powder for packaging in pill form.

Evgeny Moskalev of Saint Petersburg Technological University created the pills, which allow people to consume their favorite drinks just like any other solid food, the Times of India reports .

The new technique can solidify any kind of alcohol. People would be able to measure the amount of alcohol they consume by taking the pills.

“We have developed a technology that allowed us to turn any liquid solution into powder,” Moskalev said.

The technology has been tested on liquor containing as much as 96% alcohol content.

Only in New York…

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

NYC tavern owner says he’ll unveil what he calls is the nation’s first 100-proof turkey

You’ll need to be 21 to take a bite out of this Thanksgiving turkey. New York City tavern owner Paul Hurley said he’ll unveil what he is calling the nation’s first 100-proof turkey on Monday. A spokesman for the owner of O’Casey’s Tavern in Midtown Manhattan said that the bird is infused with fruit-flavored and 100-proof Georgi vodka for three days before being cooked. The flavors of vodka include peach, raspberry, cherry and apple.

The gravy is also laced with the distilled liquor.

Scotch of the Antarctic

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Whisky on (Antarctic) ice | GlobalPost:

This spit of black volcanic rock that juts out along the coast of Antarctica is an inhospitable place. Temperatures drop below –50 Fahrenheit and high winds cause blinding snowstorms. The only neighbors are a colony of penguins that squawk incessantly and leave a pungent scent in their wake.

But if you happen upon the small wooden hut that sits at Cape Royds and wriggled yourself underneath, you’d find a surprise stashed in the foot and a half of space beneath the floorboards. Tucked in the shadows and frozen to the ground are two cases of Scotch whisky left behind 100 years ago by Sir Ernest Shackleton after a failed attempt at the South Pole.

Conservators discovered the wooden cases in January 2006. They were unable to dislodge the crates, but are going in with special tools in January during the Antarctic summer to try to retrieve them.

An international treaty dictates that the crates, and any intact bottles that are inside, remain in Antarctica unless they need to be taken off the continent for conservation reasons. The whisky’s condition after a century of freezing and thawing is unknown.

Good news for coffee-loving alcoholics!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Drinking lots of coffee ’saves liver from alcohol damage’

Drinking as little as one cup of coffee a day could help protect you from liver disease caused by alcohol, according to research published today.

People who drink one cup of coffee are 20% less likely to have alcoholic cirrhosis than those who abstain from doing so. And the protective effect increases with the more coffee you drink: People who drink two or three cups a day are 40% less likely to contract cirrhosis, while those who drink four or more cups are 80% less likely to suffer the disease.

The findings, conducted by researchers at the Kasier Permanente, in Oakland, California, are thought to be the largest study to look at the inverse relationship between coffee and cirrhosis. The link was first reported by researchers at the same institute in 1993 but this new study – of 125,000 people over 22 years – “solidifies the association”, Arthur L Klatsky, the lead author of the study, said.

Passing out drunk at a chess tournament not too brite

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Drunk grandmaster checkmated after dozing off

A leading French chess player turned up drunk and dozed off after just 11 moves in an international tournament in Kolkata, losing the round on technical grounds, domestic media reported Friday.

Grandmaster Vladislav Tkachiev arrived for Thursday’s match against India’s Praveen Kumar in such an inebriated state that he could hardly sit in his chair and soon fell asleep, resting his head on the table, Hindustan Times newspaper reported.

Indian papers carried pictures of the world number 58 sleeping and the organizers’ futile attempts to wake his up. The game was awarded to the Indian on the technical ground of Tkachiev being unable to complete his moves within the stipulated time of an hour and 30 minutes, the paper said.

Flying while drunk not too brite

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Drunk pilot: Where have you hidden the runway?

An intoxicated pilot had to be guided to land by a rescue helicopter after he radioed the control tower to ask: “Where the bloody hell have you hidden yourself?”

The 65-year-old amateur pilot allegedly tanked up on beer and wine before taking to the skies above the eastern German state of Thuringia in his Cessna light aircraft on Saturday afternoon. Once airborne, he served himself some more cocktails while at the controls

Two hours later he was apparently so inebriated that he was unable to read the instruments telling him where the Schoengleida airfield was.

“Come on, I know you’re down there,” he radioed. “Where the bloody hell have you hidden yourself?”

San Francisco’s Tax Dollars at Work

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Chronic drunks’ treatment costs S.F. big bucks:

San Francisco has paid at least $150,000 for Kenny Walters in the past year. He isn’t employed, has an arrest record as long as his hair, and can often be found passed out in a doorway on Haight Street.

Kenny Walters’ job is to get drunk.

 He’s certainly not alone. “Chronic inebriants” are a grim and disturbing fact of life in San Francisco. They also cost the city millions.

The frustration is that the public service network – police, fire and medical professionals – doesn’t seem to make a dent when it comes to people like Walters. There are suggestions, like a pilot program for high-impact users at the Department of Public Health, or the Community Justice Center to target frequent users, but nothing seems to get traction.

A five-year study found that 225 high ambulance users cost the city an average of $13 million annually, said Maria X. Martinez, a deputy director at the Department of Public Health.

Recently Walters, who came from Arizona a year and a half ago, was curled up in the fetal position on the sidewalk near Masonic and Haight. Tourists with a camera walked past him; some peered down to see if he was breathing.

“Basically he comes out here and drinks himself to this point every day,” police Officer John Andrews said. “It’s like the movie ‘Leaving Las Vegas,’ ” in which where Nicolas Cage’s character goes to Las Vegas to drink himself to death.

Never mess with Greek women!

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

‘Hero’ Greek woman sets fire to drunken Briton’s genitals

The unidentified woman from the fiercely proud island of Crete won herself even more praise by doing the right legal thing – turning herself over to police and the courts to be put on trial for what she claimed was her “right to self-defence”.

She will face a magistrate on Friday to see if the case will go to court. She is currently facing an investigating magistrate on charges of causing bodily injuries to the Briton and of endangering private property.

The Briton himself, whose name is expected to be released later, is currently in a private clinic in Heraklion, the capital of Crete island, being treated for second degree burns to his testicles and penis.

According to a police statement issued last night the incident occurred at a club in the notorious coastal resort of Mallia, which is dominated by young Britons seeking all-night revelry.

It alleged the Briton took down his trousers and started waving his genitals at a number of girls. He then specifically “forcefully fondled” the 26-year old Greek woman, asking her to take hold of his genitals.

After asking him to stop harassing her, the police said, she poured the alcoholic drink Sabucco on his genitals (an Italian brand type of Greek ouzo or French Pernod drink).

This again allegedly failed to stop his advances, so the woman seized a lighter and set fire to the alcohol-drenched genitals, local press reports said.

Prague takes down another celebrity

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Jam Legend Paul Weller could face jail after passing out drunk on the streets of Prague with lover Hannah Andrews

MODFATHER PAUL WELLER was threatened with jail by cops after getting blind drunk and collapsing in the street.

THE JAM legend, 50, was told he could be thrown in a cell with other drunks at the local nick after passing out in the arms of his 23-year-old lover HANNAH ANDREWS.

A video handed to The Sun shows boozed-up Hannah – a backing singer for Weller – falling over twice.

Weller and Hannah spent two hours knocking back shots of vodka in the bar on Saturday night.

Brad said: “His girlfriend was aggressive and kept blowing me raspberries. She fell off her bar stool and passed out on the floor.”

Is Michelle O the new Betty Ford?

Monday, June 29th, 2009


Michelle Obama – cracking under the pressure of being First Lady – is drinking way more than she should, friends fear.

Longtime pals have been keeping a close eye on her White House booze intake for months, sources told The ENQUIRER, and her husband President Barack Obama even stepped in when she recently consumed too much alcohol.

“When Barack saw Michelle drink more than she should at a recent dinner, he hit the roof. He told her, ‘This is NOT going to turn into a problem!’” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

“Barack is overly sensitive to the issue because of his own past drinking and substance abuse problems. But he also feels guilty because of the pictures taken of him drinking beer at an NBA game recently.”

The President also feels he may have contributed to his wife’s alcohol issues by not stopping her from overindulging during their date night in New York City on May 30.

Michelle, 45, knocked back “a glass or two of champagne” while the couple flew to the Big Apple on a private jet, according to the close source, and published reports said she downed two martinis during dinner at the Greenwich Village restaurant Blue Hill.

“It was clear that Mrs. Obama was having a VERY good time,” a restaurant employee told The ENQUIRER.

Why we love the US Open

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Tiger Woods taunted at 10th hole; Fred Funk’s name becomes obscenity:

Beer-sodden fans and rain combined for an ugly finish to a long day of golf yesterday, with Tiger Woods and other golfers subjected to drunken heckling as the action at Bethpage Black came to a close.

At 6:42 p.m., dozens of drunken spectators at Hole 10 taunted Woods as he prepared to start his third round in the rain.

“We’re on Long Island, baby, where men are men!” one fan yelled. “Put that umbrella down!” The taunts were mixed with cheers from the majority of the crowd.

Woods did not respond to the people who were heckling him but tried to quiet the crowd with a “sshh” hand gesture, putting his finger to his lips, as golfers prepared to tee off on the adjacent 12th tee.

“Suck it up, you’ve got your own video game!” someone shouted at Woods. Some fans, apparently disgusted by the hecklers’ behavior, walked away from the hole.

Others told the vocal contingent to quiet down, which had no effect on the verbal abuse.

Minutes later, a group of fans greeted Fred Funk at the 10th hole by shouting his last name as an obscenity.

England’s best and brightest in fine form

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Cambridge students vomit and collapse after wild party

A DRUNKEN Cambridge University student staggers home after a wild party – dubbed Suicide Sunday – ended with revellers collapsing and throwing up.

Passers-by were shocked and disgusted after a notorious end-of-exams party lived up to its reputation with students binge drinking.

The party saw bikini-clad students struggling to stand up and vomiting at midday on a Sunday afternoon. The party was organised by the Wyverns – an all-male Magdalene College drinking society.

It had to be held in a new location for the first time in 80 years after officials banned students from holding the event on university land.

The controversial decision was made after a 23-year-old student was last year arrested during the infamous jelly-wrestling contest for punching a spectator.

“They ran into the wrong people, obviously”

Friday, May 15th, 2009

4 US citizens found strangled in Tijuana:

The bodies of four U.S. citizens were found strangled, beaten and stabbed in a van in this border city, two days after they reportedly left their Southern California homes for a night at the Mexican clubs, U.S. officials said Thursday.

The victims, ages 19 to 23 years old, were found tied up on Saturday, but their deaths were not reported earlier because they were under investigation, said Fermin Gomez, an assistant state prosecutor in Baja California.

U.S. consular officials in Tijuana said the victims — two men and two women from the San Diego and Chula Vista areas — were U.S. citizens. The state attorney general’s office in Baja California said one of the women was Mexican.

Beer pong and guns don’t mix

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Police: Beer-pong + dare = homicide

After they got into a dispute over a beer-pong game, Joseph Jiminez, 24, and Scott Riley, 25, met in a Bridgeport alleyway and Riley made a dare, investigators said.

“Shoot me, shoot me,” Riley said to Jiminez and a companion. “You guys ain’t got the … ”

Jiminez accepted the challenge, police said, and today he is being held without bail at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility on murder and related charges pending a hearing a week from now.

Hasselhoff Survives .39 blood alcohol level

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009


In the latest chapter in the agonizing chronicle of David Hasselhoff’s multiple falls off the wagon, a new report surfaced today that the former Baywatch hunk was hauled off to the hospital after his youngest daughter found him passed out at home.

Vodka-swilling Hasselhoff registered a mind-numbing 0.39 blood alcohol level when he was taken to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Saturday, reported.

The legal limit in California is 0.08.

The 56-year-old “America’s Got Talent” judge was found passed out at his home in Encino, Calif., by 16-year-old daughter Hayley, the Web site reported. The teen called mom Pamela Bach, from whom Hasselhoff is estranged.

Secretly dosing people at a bar not too cool

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Austria: Suspect arrested in poisoning of 5 people:

Police in Vienna arrested a man suspected of slipping drugs into drinks at a crowded bar Sunday, causing five people to collapse. Authorities said all five victims were hospitalized in life-threatening condition.

Investigators said they were still trying to determine a motive for the attack, which happened on a sunny afternoon at a small bar packed with up to 50 people enjoying an “after hours” party.

Authorities were called to the scene when customers at a sidewalk ice cream salon across the street from the bar saw the five victims fall to the ground.

“We got an emergency call at 5 p.m.,” or 1500 GMT, said police spokeswoman Iris Seper. She said officers later took the unidentified suspect into custody after witnesses said they had seen a man offering the victims drinks.

Investigators said it was unclear exactly what substance had been added to the drinks, but that it appeared to be some kind of narcotic. Seper said the victims drank freely, apparently unaware that anything was amiss.

It’s all fun and games until someone dies with a 0.55 blood alcohol level

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

3 charged in death of NYC college student after drinking binge at banned frat house

Three members of a banned fraternity were charged with criminally negligent homicide Tuesday for organizing a wild night of drinking that left a college sophomore dead of alcohol poisoning.

Arman Partamian, 19, a biology major from Queens, was found lying face-down on a mattress March 1 at a house run by an off-campus club known as the Orange Knights, or Pigs.

Police said he had been drinking heavily for three days to gain membership in the club, located near the State University of New York at Geneseo in western New York. Toxicology tests showed Partamian had a blood-alcohol level as high as 0.55 percent, nearly seven times the legal limit for driving.

Fellow students Alex Stucki, 20, and Daniel Wech, 21, were charged along with Devin McClain, 21, with hazing, unlawfully dealing with a child and criminally negligent homicide — a felony that carries a sentence of up to four years in prison. They encouraged and directed Partamian to drink to such excess that he died as a direct result of alcohol poisoning, Livingston County prosecutor Thomas Moran said.

Don’t worry folks – the economy is in safe hands

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Japan minister in drunkenness row:

Japan’s finance minister is facing calls for him to resign amid claims he was drunk at a recent G7 meeting.

 Shoichi Nakagawa has apologised for his behaviour but blamed cold remedies for a slurred performance at a news conference in Rome at the weekend.

He said he had not drunk more than a sip of alcohol before facing the media.

Yet another reason to avoid Aeroflot!

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Passengers stop flight after ‘drunk’ pilot sparks panic

It is normally a moment of cheery reassurance when an airline pilot greets passengers during preparations for take-off. But Alexander Cheplevsky sparked panic on flight Aeroflot 315 when he began to speak.

His slurred and garbled comments ahead of a flight from Moscow to New York convinced passengers that he was drunk. When he apparently switched from Russian into unintelligible English, fear turned to revolt.

Flight attendants initially ignored passengers’ complaints and threatened to expel them from the Boeing 767 jet unless they stopped “making trouble”. As the rebellion spread, Aeroflot representatives boarded the aircraft to try to calm down the 300 passengers.

One sought to reassure them by announcing that it was “not such a big deal” if the pilot was drunk because the aircraft practically flew itself.

1 year probation for .491 blood alcohol DUI

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Extremely drunk R.I. driver pleads no contest

A man who state police said had a blood alcohol level more than six times the legal limit when he was arrested in July has pleaded no contest to drunken driving.

As part of a plea deal, Stanley Kobierowski was sentenced Friday to one year probation, a $500 fine, 40 hours of community service and a one-year loss of his driver’s license.

The 34-year-old Kobierowski was arrested after driving into a highway message board on Interstate 95. Authorities said he had the highest blood alcohol level ever recorded for anyone in Rhode Island who wasn’t dead.

Investment Advice You Can Use

Monday, October 6th, 2008

How to make money out of turmoil

If you had purchased 1000 of Northern Rock shares one year ago it would now be worth 4.95, with HBOS, earlier this week your 1000 would have been worth 16.50, 1000 invested in XL Leisure would now be worth less than 5, but if you bought 1000 worth of Tennents Lager one year ago, drank it all, then took the empty cans to an aluminium re-cycling plant, you would get 214. So based on the above statistics the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and re-cycle.

College president knows how to party

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Iowa College President Quits Over Booze Photo, Gets $400G

An Iowa community college president resigned less than a week after a photo was published appearing to show him pouring beer into a young woman’s mouth.

The school’s board of trustees on Thursday unanimously approved Robert Paxton’s resignation. It also approved a severance package that officials said was valued at about $400,000.

Mark Crimmins, the president of the board, said although the incident happened in Paxton’s private life, “it reflected poorly on the college.”

“He was drunk as a skunk. It’s an embarrassment for the nation.”

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Olympic drunk is sports minister

A drunk fan of Olympic competitors from Belgium has been identified as the country’s sports minister.

A loud Belgian fan had been shouting out during a doubles match between Argentinian and Belgian players.

Eventually Argentine tennis ace David Nalbandian lost his temper and told him to be quiet.

But other Belgian supporters recognised the “very drunk” man as sports minister Michel Daerden, media in the country have reported.

“One of the guys half-way through the flight stood up and started smashing the overhead compartments”

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Holiday flight is diverted after mid-air brawl breaks out

A holiday flight between to Crete had to be diverted after a brawl erupted among drunken passengers, it has been revealed.

An eye-witness told how one man began smashing overhead luggage bins before the captain decided to land the plane in Venice.

Aoife O’Reilly, 18, a student from Dublin, said the men involved were all over 30 years of age and had obviously been drinking.
Futura Gael

She said: ‘We were up in the air and two guys – who were surprisingly a lot older than us – started fights.

‘Then we had to be redirected to Venice for a couple of hours. The police came on and had to get them off.

‘They had a couple of drinks on them, they were extremely aggressive.

Too drunk to rescue

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

Coast Guard Deems Teens Too Drunk to Be Rescued, Leaves Them on Cliff Ledge

British teenagers partying on the ledge of a cliff were left to sober up overnight after rescue crews decided they were too drunk to be rescued, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The teens called the Coast Guard when a friend suffered an epileptic fit near Long Quarry Point, outside Torquay, Devon. Rescuers were not able to airlift all eight boys and girls to safety, due to rainfall and rough terrain.

In the end it was decided to winch the ill teen off the cliff, and leave the rest, whom the Coast Guard described as “under the influence,” where they were.

“Apparently the 26-year-old wanted to catch some fresh air”

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Drunken Passengers Go on Rampage, Force Plane’s Emergency Landing

Two drunken British women went on a rampage on a charter plane, hitting one flight attendant with a bottle of vodka and trying to open a cabin door as the aircraft was cruising over Austria at 10,000 meters, police said Saturday.

The staff on the flight from Greece to England eventually forced the women back to their seats and the pilot made an emergency landing in Frankfurt on Thursday, police told The Associated Press, confirming a statement they had issued on Friday.

The identities of the women, aged 26 and 27, were not released, but police said the 26-year-old may be charged with attempted assault and interfering with air traffic.

Both women were released, police said.

Man survives 0.491 blood alcohol level

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

R.I. police say man had 0.491 blood alcohol level

State police say they arrested a man early Tuesday whose blood alcohol level was 0.491 percent — the highest ever recorded in Rhode Island for someone who wasn’t dead.

Stanley Kobierowski was taken to a hospital, put in the detoxification unit and sedated, said Maj. Steven O’Donnell. He was arraigned Tuesday on charges of driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest, and he was released after promising to appear Friday at a court hearing.

“He is drinking two bottles of vodka a day and there is no way he would be behaving like this if he was sober”

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Rolling Stones’ Ron Wood, 61, cavorts with 18-year-old waitress

Talk about robbing the cradle. Apparently, 61-year-old Rolling Stones’ rocker Ronnie Wood has run off with an 18-year-old cocktail waitress, leaving his wife of 23 years.

The duo are thought to have fled to the musician’s home in Ireland, where they have reportedly been living for the past week together.

The presumed cause of this sudden change of heart? Wood’s Achilles heel: alcohol.

Wood, who admitted his alcoholism publicly in 2000, is said to have met the young Russian Ekaterina Ivanova three months ago after a premiere of “Shine a Light.” A source told the UK’s Daily Mail the young blond has become a drinking buddy of the rock star.

‘Cindy Brady’ sloshed during interview

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

‘Cindy Brady’ Shows Up Hung Over for Interview

The youngest member of TV’s favorite fictitious family “The Brady Bunch” nearly blew chunks during a Denver radio appearance Thursday morning.

Actress Susan Olsen apparently showed up at the Darren and Coba show at Jet 107.9 with a massive hangover. She answered a few questions from the show’s host -looking rather queasy the whole time- before admitting to her condition and darting from the studio (presumably for a restroom).

23 Shots of Vodka in 30 Mins Not Too Brite

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Man Dies After Taking 23 Shots in 30 Mins.

A Florida man died Tuesday after taking more than two dozen shots of cherry vodka within a half hour, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office.

“We have witnesses that have described the victim as taking anywhere from 23 to 25 shots in 30 minutes,” Hillsborough County Sheriff’s spokesman J.D. Callaway told

Eric Morris, 26, was allegedly taking part in a drinking game with another patron at an adult nightclub, Angels Show Bar, in Seffner, Fla., just hours before he died, according to police.

Construction Workers Still Like to Booze at Work in NYC

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

NYC Construction Workers Still Drinking On Job

Construction accidents have claimed the lives of 20 in New York this year alone and as federal safety watchdogs kick off a two-week crackdown on high-risk building sites, CBS 2 HD found it wasn’t hard to find workers having a liquid lunch, then heading back to work where they may be putting everyone around them in harm’s way.

At an Upper West Side watering hole, it seems like it’s happy hour, with patrons clinking glasses and guzzling booze — except it’s noon, and the construction workers having some drinks still have to go back to work building a high-rise condo complex nearby.

CBS 2 HD showed the shocking video to area residents.

“If they’re not in the right state of mind, only God knows what could happen,” one New Yorker said.

How to Go Directly to Jail Without Passing Go

Friday, June 20th, 2008

FBI: Flight Diverted After NYC Woman Lights Up

An unruly JetBlue passenger from Queens who lit up a cigarette mid-flight Tuesday forced the 145-passenger flight to be diverted after she became violent and uncooperative when asked to stop smoking, CBS 2 HD has learned.

Christina Szele, 35, was arrested and charged with assault and interfering with a flight crew, and remains locked up in Denver until a detention hearing scheduled for Monday.

Szele’s brother told CBS 2 HD she is going through a tough time right now, having recently seen the end of a 10-year relationship.

“She does drink a lot. I think part of it is the breakup, and that’s what she told me,” Ladi Szele said. “She could use help.

“She was going to fly out a week ago, but she missed her flight. So they were going to put her on another flight. And they wouldn’t let her board because they said she was too intoxicated.”

They start ‘em out young in Poland

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Drunk Baby Born ‘15 Times’ Over the Limit

A mother who was intoxicated during her labor at a Polish hospital gave birth to a baby girl who was almost 15 times over the country’s adult drunk-driving limit, Agence France-Presse is reporting.

The baby girl, born Monday, had a blood alcohol level of 0.29 percent. Poland’s drunk driving limit is 0.02 percent, according to the report.

In the U.S., the adult drunk-driving limit is 0.08.

Amy Winehouse – the gift that keeps on giving

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Amy Winehouse racism video

AMY Winehouse faces ruin after being caught on camera revelling in SEX in a public place, out of her head in a CRACK den and singing an astonishing RACIST chant.

Our bombshell revelations— based on sickening video footage and over 100 shocking still photos—will stun fans and threaten to torpedo troubled Amy’s rock career.

The damning scenes were filmed by her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who is in prison facing trial for GBH and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

We were handed the explosive material by a former friend determined to show the world just what power Blake wields in manipulating the vulnerable young star.

How Not To Get Drunk

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Nectar of the Broke: The World’s 5 Worst Ways To Get Drunk

Getting drunk on a tight budget is practically a rite of passage. Just about all of us have some tale to tell about nights spent getting shitfaced on Olde English 800 or some equally putrid swill.

But party all the time as we might, it’s doubtful any of us have stories that involve being so broke, we had to resort to throwing down any of this. If we had, we’d likely not have lived to talk about it.

Yet another reason to drink alcohol

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Alcohol ‘cuts risk of arthritis’

A regular tipple cuts the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis by up to half, Swedish research suggests.

The Karolinska Institute assessed 2,750 people in two studies, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases reports.

The risk was up to 50% lower for those who drank the equivalent of five glasses of wine a week compared with those who drank the least, they found.

No more boozing on the tube

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Booze Ban On London Underground Spurs Chaotic Night of Partying

Police arrested 17 people and shut six London Underground stations during a chaotic night of partying to mark the last day of drinking on the Tube.

A booze ban is now in effect on the Tube, London buses, Docklands Light Railway and tram services across the capital.

Passengers are no longer allowed to drink from or carry open containers of alcohol.

The measure was announced earlier this month by new London mayor Boris Johnson.

But a night that started in a celebratory mood soon turned sour as thousands of revelers poured into London’s Tube stations.

It’s always fun partying with the Governor’s son

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Gov. Ritter’s Son Turns Mansion into Frat House

It was a night filled with costumes, kegs, and partying. One problem, it took place at the Colorado Governor’s Mansion.

According to the Denver Post, photos posted on the internet show Governor Bill Ritter’s 22-year-old son August Ritter III drinking from a keg at a recent masquerade party held at the historic home.

The other picture shows August Ritter and an unidentified female playing around with the state flag.

An invitation, reading, “Mansion Masquerade-Because Life is Too Tasty Not to Party”-was also posted on a social-networking site asking guests to bring a date “of legal age.”

Footie Riots Overwhelm Police in Manchester

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Uefa violence ’stretched’ police

Police in Manchester who came under violent attack from Rangers fans in the city for the Uefa Cup final admitted they were “stretched” by events.

Assistant Chief Constable Justine Curran said the influx of 150,000 Scottish fans was “unprecedented”.

She said officers were attacked and riot police were deployed after a city centre big screen failed, adding: “I had 15 officers injured last night.”

Police made 42 arrests and ambulance crews dealt with 52 cases of assault.

Drunk and disorderly Darth Vader gets away with assault

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Drunk ‘Darth Vader’ spared jail

A man has been given a suspended jail sentence for attacking two Star Wars fans while dressed as Darth Vader.

Arwel Wynn Hughes, 27, from Holyhead, Anglesey, admitted assaulting Barney Jones and cousin Michael with a metal crutch, whilst shouting “Darth Vader”.

Hughes told police he had no memory of the incident as he was drunk.

District Judge Andrew Straw said the publicity his case had received was perhaps a good thing, and a “wake up call” to deal with his alcohol problem.

Diane Williams, prosecuting, said the two cousins had set up a Jedi faith church with around 30 local members in the Holyhead area.

Drinking on the job not too brite when you’re the DA

Friday, May 9th, 2008

4th Judicial Attorney John Newsome drinking during work

Fourth Judicial District Attorney John Newsome apologized Wednesday after being caught by a television news station’s hidden camera drinking at a bar and later driving a county-owned vehicle.

“I sincerely apologize for ever allowing myself to be placed in that situation where there’s even a perception of wrongdoing,” Newsome said. “Perception can be as damaging as actual wrongdoing. . . . Even the appearance is a distraction for the office.”

Newsome said he is no longer disputing the KOAA report and vowed to do better.

“I realize I need to be setting the standard for setting an example, and that’s what I’ll strive to do,” Newsome said. “I will strive to make sure a thing like this never happens again.”

It’s hazing season again

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

UW probes frat after allegation of hazing event

The University of Wisconsin’s dean of students office and the Interfraternity Council are investigating allegations of hazing by members of a campus fraternity.

Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon dumped a bucket of indecent substances on fellow fraternity members on Langdon Street late Friday night, the fraternity’s president told The Badger Herald Tuesday.

Mike Miesen, president of the UW chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, said the incident did not constitute hazing and occurred after the conclusion of other non-hazing initiation events. The bucket incident was not sanctioned or supervised by fraternity leadership, he added.

One eye witness speaking on condition of anonymity, who is a member of the UW Greek community but not associated with Sigma Phi Epsilon, said the bucket contained a “slurry of vomit (and) urine with large brown chunks that could have been feces” and was dumped on three members’ heads. The source said he was standing across the street with an unobstructed view and could smell the contents of the bucket that made two of the students vomit.

Yet another reason not to take the kids on holiday

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Children taken from drunk parents

A UK couple on holiday in Portugal had their young children temporarily taken into protective custody after they collapsed drunk, officials have said.

Staff at the Aparthotel Mourabel, in Vilamoura on the Algarve called police after they passed out on Friday night.

The children aged one, two and six were taken to a children’s home in Faro while their parents were treated at a health centre in Loule.

The couple did not comment, but the home’s director called it “shocking”.

Dr Luis Villas-Boas said: “It is the first time it has happened in my 22 years working at this home.

Please don’t play with the bears while drunk

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Bear Mauls to Death Possibly Drunk Ukrainian Woman Who Wandered Into Its Cage

A Ukrainian official says a bear fatally mauled a woman who wandered into its cage on an animal farm.

Regional emergency official Olexandr Soldatov says the middle-aged woman may have been drunk when she stepped into the cage Monday on a farm outside the eastern city of Donetsk.

He says one of the two bears inside the cage then attacked the woman.

Feds hate Weed beer, but Bud is ok

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Feds not laughing at beer from Weed

The federal government has said no to Weed.

Or at least to the bottle caps on beer brewed at a popular local brewery in this small Siskiyou County town, which has a name that no doubt would have kept 1970s pot-smoking duo Cheech and Chong giggling.

Weed brewer Vaune Dillmann faces possible sanctions or fines from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau if he continues to brew and sell beer with bottle caps printed with the label “Try Legal Weed.”

Bureau spokesman Art Resnick said Monday that the bottle caps tell consumers to support an illegal drug – a policy that violates rules of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau as well as the agency’s predecessor, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

Tear Gas Party in Michigan

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Police Tear Gas Crowd at College Party

Police early Sunday used tear gas to disperse a crowd at a large party near the campus of Michigan State University after fights broke out and officers were pelted with bottles and cans.

Police said in a statement that 3,000 to 4,000 people had gathered for the Cedar Fest party in East Lansing on Saturday night. Police said 52 people were arrested and 48 others ticketed for various offenses.

It wasn’t immediately whether there were any injuries.

Police said the crowd became increasingly unruly about 1 a.m., the Lansing State Journal and The State News reported.

Tear gas was fired about 2 a.m. after repeated loudspeaker warnings to leave were ignored, and the crowd had dispersed about an hour later. Police said about 80 officers from area jurisdictions worked to contain the crowd.

Drunk and unconscious in dumpster not too brite

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Drinker almost crushed by binmen

A man in Indiana had a brush with death after sleeping off a heavy drinking session in a rubbish bin.

A dustbin van driver emptied the bin into the compactor before hearing William Bowen stir, and was able to stop the machine from crushing him.

Larry Green, market safety supervisor for the Rumpke waste disposal company, said the only thing Bowen said to the driver was that he was cold.

He said: “This gentleman was extremely intoxicated.”

Hospitals and Horses don’t mix

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Hospital to Visitor: No Horsing Around

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, but the one brought to visit a patient at Wilcox Memorial Hospital was the wrong horse.

Hospital spokeswoman Lani Yukimura says a drunken man brought the horse to visit an ailing relative earlier this month, thinking it would cheer up the patient to see his stallion.

Yukimura says the man and the horse rode an elevator up to the third floor, where they were met and stopped by security personnel.

Vodka tank run

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Russian tank rams house on vodka run

An apparently drunk Russian tank driver rammed his 25-tonne fighting machine into a remote village cottage while on a vodka run, footage aired on Friday on state television showed.

The soldier was filmed driving the tank, armed with an anti-aircraft gun, through a tiny street in Oktyabrskaya, in the Ural mountains’ Sverdlovsk region.

He clambered unsteadily into his vehicle with two freshly purchased bottles, then rammed a fence and a house while attempting to leave.

Video can be seen here.

“Yeahh it [the party] went wrong but it was well good. . . I mean it was f****** good.”

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

The world of real party animals: The internet gatecrashers who drug dogs, have group sex and trash homes

The tour of Julia Anscomb’s once beautiful home on the Sussex coast began in the kitchen.

“This is where we found Bailey,” she explained. Bailey is a lovable, shaggy-haired mongrel puppy and much loved family pet.

When Mrs Anscomb and her husband returned from a weekend away recently, Bailey was lying unconscious on the floor.

He’d been drugged. The incriminating evidence was left at the scene: discarded ecstasy tablets.

“He did eventually wake up, but for days he was very quiet, hardly moved and wouldn’t eat his food,” revealed a visibly distressed Mrs Anscomb yesterday.

Near the spot where the “comatose” canine was spreadeagled – and where Mrs Anscomb was now speaking – is a brand new luxury fridge. At least it used to be. Someone has vandalised it with a knife.

“It cost £600 and, as you can see, it is now covered in scratches,” said Mrs Anscomb. “It’s ruined.”

As for what happened to the washing machine (or, to be more accurate, on top of it), Mrs Anscomb, 37, could barely bring herself to say; she has been told it was where “group sex” had taken place.

Drunk Driving Instruction

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Driving Instructor Accused of Being Drunk While Giving Lesson

A driving instructor accused of being drunk while teaching a lesson in Ipswich pleads not guilty.

Daniel Winsky of Salem was arraigned on a drunken driving charge today in district court.

Court documents say the 52-year-old had a blood alcohol level of .233 after he was stopped by police in December. That’s nearly three times the legal limit.

Witnesses called police while Winsky was instructing a student because he allegedly appeared drunk. Winsky wasn’t driving the car, but instructors have a brake on the passenger side.

Minnesota Geniuses At Work

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Minnesota Bars Skirt Smoking Ban by Declaring Patrons as ‘Actors’

All the world’s a stage at some of Minnesota’s bars.

A new state ban on smoking in restaurants and other nightspots contains an exception for performers in theatrical productions. So some bars are getting around the ban by printing up playbills, encouraging customers to come in costume, and pronouncing them “actors.”

The customers are playing right along, merrily puffing away — and sometimes speaking in funny accents and doing a little improvisation, too.

The state Health Department is threatening to bring the curtain down on these sham productions. But for now, it’s on with the show.

At The Rock, a hard-rock and heavy-metal bar in suburban St. Paul, the “actors” during “theater night” do little more than sit around, drink, smoke and listen to the earsplitting music.

“They’re playing themselves before Oct. 1. You know, before there was a smoking ban,” owner Brian Bauman explained. Shaping the words in the air with his hands, like a producer envisioning the marquee, he said: “We call the production, `Before the Ban!”‘

Hat tip to Kara!

Fun with Alcohol in Norway

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Eight British soldiers sent home after stripping in bar

Eight British soldiers have been forced to return home from Norway after they reportedly stripped naked and urinated on each other in a bar during an Arctic training exercise, the defence ministry confirmed Tuesday.

“It’s being taken extremely seriously,” a spokesman for the defence ministry in London said.

He continued: “We can confirm that eight soldiers from 59 Commando Regiment Royal Engineers were arrested by the Norwegian police following inappropriate behaviour.

Politically Incorrect in S. Africa

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Whites tricked blacks into consuming urine, university says

White students at a South African university tricked black residence hall workers into eating stew containing urine, prompting a march Wednesday in which five people were arrested, university officials said.
The white students made a video of the incident, which they staged in reaction to the university’s efforts to integrate its residences, according to a statement from the University of the Free State.

The protesters on Wednesday included black and white students who later marched to the residence where the video was made and demanded that it be shut down, witnesses said.

“Even if we did everything right as from today, we are still heading into hell.”

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Alcoholic parents force children to suckle dogs

Aboriginal children in Outback Australia are so neglected by their alcoholic parents that some have suckled from dogs’ teats in a desperate search for food, it has been reported.

The shocking revelation came from a coroner investigating the appalling rates of suicide among Aborigines living in the remote and beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Earlier this month the prime minister, Kevin Rudd, delivered a much-publicised apology to Aborigines for past injustices, but critics questioned whether his words would lead to any practical improvement in the wretched lives of indigenous people.

“The plight of the little children was especially pathetic and, for many of these, the future is bleak,” said coroner Alastair Hope.

Drunk driving without a wheel not too brite

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Cops say driver was unaware he was missing a wheel

There may have been a reason that Jeffrey Ho lost control of his car and hit a stop sign and a snowbank on Rose Hill Avenue early Sunday.

Besides being intoxicated, that is.

Police said the 24-year-old Katonah, N.Y. man’s vehicle was missing it’s right front wheel when they arrived at the accident scene about 3:15 a.m., and Ho had no idea that it was gone.

Police started looking for Ho’s car after receiving a call from the Food Bag on West Street about a vehicle leaving the convenience store, minus the wheel. They found the car a short distance away, with Ho behind the wheel. The driver did know he was in Danbury, Lt. Shaun McColgan said, although he misidentified the officers who were questioning him as “Danbury State Troopers.” Ho also knew that he was intoxicated, but said that was alright, because “he wasn’t driving.’”

Fun With Teacher

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Teacher’s aide who had hotel party quits

A special-education aide at Highlands Senior High School resigned under pressure yesterday and faces possible drug and corruption of minors charges for a hotel party involving high school teenagers.

New Kensington police said they found suspected crack cocaine, empty beer cans and used condoms in a room that Abbiejane Swogger, 34, of Harrison, shared with minors Thursday night at New Kensington’s Clarion Hotel. The room contained drug paraphernalia and a marijuana odor when officers arrived just before noon on Friday to follow up on reports of missing teens, said Detective Dennis Marsili.

Investigators questioned Ms. Swogger at the New Kensington police station Friday afternoon, but did not arrest her. Charges could be filed as soon as today, Detective Marsili said.

19 DUI = 8 Years

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Man gets 8 years for 19 DUIs

A Hamilton man’s 19th drunken driving conviction earned him eight years in prison and a lecture about his 30-year record, which ranks him among Ohio’s six worst drunken drivers.

“You knew a long time ago that you had a problem with drinking and driving and you’ve never chosen to do anything,” Judge Noah Powers told Stephen W. Wolf in Butler County Common Pleas Court during sentencing Tuesday.

Wolf faced up to 10 years in prison as a result of a hit-and-run crash in Fairfield Township last summer.

He’s among four Ohio drivers with 19 drunken-driving convictions; two others are tied for the state record of 20 convictions.

Powers also imposed a lifetime driving suspension. But Wolf has disregarded suspensions since at least 1984.

Firewalking while drunk not too brite

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Drunk man in ill-advised firewalking mishap

A drunk man in Wigan discovered the painful way that firewalking isn’t, in fact, terribly easy, as he suffered severely burned feet after trying to walk across a bonfire.

The 23-year-old man had reportedly been drinking with a group of young people, by a bonfire which they had started on playing fields by St Annes Primary School in Wigan.

As is the way of these things, it appears he was dared to walk across the flames. Naturally, he removed his shoes and socks and did so, according to Wigan Today.

He suffered serious burns, including an amount of melted plastic stuck to his skin, probably due to the fact that the bonfire had been built partially out of plastic bread trays.

Delta Chi has nothing to offer but blood, vomit, urine and broken furniture

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

(Frat) Boys Will Be (Frat) Boys

In what could give fraternities everywhere a bad name, a Delta Chi chapter in Colorado has been suspended after nine of its underage pledges were arrested early Sunday for allegedly trashing motel rooms that police found strewn with broken furniture and splattered with blood and vomit. Oh, and there was the matter of a coffee pot that had somehow been filled with urine.

Showing up drunk for your DUI hearing not too brite

Monday, February 18th, 2008

DUI hearing postponed; defendant was drunk

A Woodinville man who went to court in Redmond on Monday to face a drunken-driving charge showed up drunk at the hearing and ended up at a hospital instead.

King County District Court Judge Linda Jacke ordered Joseph T. Longfellow, 35, to take an alcohol breath test after his attorney informed her that Longfellow appeared to be intoxicated.

Longfellow recorded a 0.32 percent in a portable breath test at the courthouse, four times the state level for intoxication of 0.08, court filings note.

Jacke ordered Longfellow taken into custody, but jail guards refused to accept him after paramedics said he needed to be taken to a hospital to prevent possible alcohol poisoning.

Passing out drunk in the winter snow not too brite

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Passed-out student loses fingers, toes

A University of Iowa student lost fingers and toes to frostbite after passing out in an alley for six hours during his walk home from downtown Iowa City bars early Sunday amidst subzero temperatures, police say.

The man, whom police would not identify because there is not a criminal complaint, reportedly had to have some fingers and toes amputated, Iowa City Police Sgt. Troy Kelsay said.

Police received a 911 call at 8:25 a.m. Sunday after employees of Bud Maas Concrete discovered a man who smelled of alcohol passed out in an alley at 300 N. Gilbert St. The temperature at the time was minus 4 degrees with a wind chill of minus 25 degrees, National Weather Service meteorologist Andy Ervin said.

44 shots of Tequila!

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

Fatal 44 shots of tequila served to boy

Two bartenders were convicted of grievous bodily harm by a Berlin state court on Monday for their role in serving at least 44 shots of tequila to a 16-year-old German boy who died after the drinking binge.

The court sentenced the two men, aged 21 and 18, to 10 months of social training.

A third bartender was acquitted while the trial for a fourth bartender, who is facing more serious charges of bodily harm with fatal consequences, has not yet started.

The judge “had a difficult time locating his license in his purse.”

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Arrested judge wore dress, women’s hosiery

A Boston-based federal judge wore a black cocktail dress, fish-net stockings and high heels when police arrested him for drunk driving after he rear-ended a pickup truck last week, sources said.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Robert Somma, 63, struck a plea deal with the city Wednesday in which he pleaded no contest to a first-offense misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charge in Manchester District Court. In exchange, the judge agreed to pay $600 in fines and penalties and a 12-month license suspension, which can be reduced to six months if he proves he successfully completed a driver education and alcohol awareness course, court records show.

‘‘They were on a drunken rampage’’

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Vikings Go On Rampage At Lodge

Presumedly seeking revenge against the Mid-Atlantic Hockey League for calling it quits in the middle of the season, several players with the Jamestown Vikings trashed the historic Vikings Lodge on the corner of Washington and West Fourth Street early Thursday, leaving most of the building in shambles.

Trash and debris were everywhere, especially on the second and third floors where the stench of beer and rotting food was almost overpowering. Bar stools were smashed through doors, and virtually every piece of glass in the building had been shattered, the broken shards unavoidable underfoot.

Oompa-Loompa on the attack

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Woman attacked by man in Carnival garb, police say

A Covington woman was attacked Monday morning by a New Orleans man dressed in
Carnival garb that she met through the Internet, Covington police said Tuesday.

Lawrence Goldstein, 40, 1020 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, was booked Monday with attempted rape, false imprisonment and possession of nitrous
oxide, which is classified a dangerous substance, police said. Sometimes known as laughing gas, the chemical was used
by Goldstein in an attempt to lower the victims defenses, authorities said. Goldstein called the 24-year-old Covington resident
early Monday morning and told her that he had too many guests at his residence and asked if he
could sleep at her place, Covington police spokesman Lt. Jack West said.
The woman, who was house-sitting and had a six-month-old baby with her, told him he
could come over but only to sleep, West said.
Goldstein arrived at the apartment in a purple top hat, a large purple cape and a purple satin shirt, West said. His upper
body was covered in pink body paint and glitter, West said.

Getting her priorities straight!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Police: Woman Driver Puts Seatbelt Around Case Of Beer, Not Toddler

A St. Augustine woman pulled over when a deputy saw her run a red light had a case of beer belted in her front seat, but a young child unrestrained in the same vehicle, according to the arrest report.

The deputy who pulled over Tina Williams in the 1700 block of U.S. 1 South about 4:30 p.m. Sunday reported smelling a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car, according to WJXT. When he asked Tina Williams for a driver’s license, she replied, “I never had one.”

Drunk teens trash historic home of Robert Frost

Monday, January 21st, 2008

28 face charges in Frost vandalism

A birthday and New Year’s party resulted in charges against 28 area youths, police said Friday.

Vermont State Police announced the citations Friday during a press conference at the barracks in New Haven. The accused, mostly teenagers, were allegedly the attendees at a party that did roughly $10,000 worth of damage to the Homer Noble Farm in Ripton, a national historical site that was once the summer home of poet Robert Frost.

Police only released 27 of the names, saying the 28th defendant is in college out of state and had not yet been served with paperwork.

All were cited for unlawful trespass, according to police, with five citations for unlawful mischief — to the people police said were observed partaking in the destruction — and one of each for furnishing alcohol to minors, enabling consumption of alcohol by minors and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Police did not identify the person cited for the charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Ganja and vodka and tigers don’t mix

Friday, January 18th, 2008

San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attack Victim Admits Drinking, Taunting Animal, Police Say

One of the three victims of San Francisco Zoo tiger attack was intoxicated and admitted to yelling and waving at the animal while standing atop the railing of the big cat enclosure, police said in court documents filed Thursday.

Paul Dhaliwal, 19, told the father of Carlos Sousa Jr., 17, who was killed, that the three yelled and waved at the tiger but insisted they never threw anything into its pen to provoke the cat, according to a search warrant affidavit obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“As a result of this investigation, (police believe) that the tiger may have been taunted/agitated by its eventual victims,” according to Inspector Valerie Matthews, who prepared the affidavit. Police believe that “this factor contributed to the tiger escaping from its enclosure and attacking its victims,” she said.

Quiet French New Year’s: only 372 cars torched

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

372 French cars torched over “calm” New Year

Vandals torched 372 cars as France celebrated the New Year, down on the figure last year after a night the police described as “relatively calm”.

Cars are burned fairly regularly in France and the image of vehicles in flames in poor suburbs became symbolic of riots in 2005 when angry youths set fire to thousands of cars.

There is usually an increase in the number of cars torched on New Year’s Eve compared to other days of the year.

“The night was relatively calm, without notable incident, there were very few direct clashes with the security forces,” said a spokesman for the national police.

The pterodactyl made him do it

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Man blames car wreck on prehistoric winged reptile

A 29-year-old Wenatchee man told police a pterodactyl caused him to drive his car into a light pole about 11:30 p.m. Thursday.

Wenatchee police cited the man with first-degree negligent driving. A breathalyzer test showed “a minimal amount of alcohol,” said Wenatchee police Sgt. Cherie Smith.

Witnesses told police the man was northbound on Wenatchee Avenue and drifted into a southbound lane for less than a block. Oncoming traffic stopped and waited for the man to pass, Smith said.

Drunk and disorderly in Antarctica

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Antarctic base staff evacuated after Christmas brawl

Two men, one with a suspected broken jaw, have been airlifted from the Antarctic’s most remote research facility after an incident described as a “drunken Christmas punch-up”.

The brawl happened at the US-operated Amundsen-Scott South Pole station, located at the heart of the frozen continent. The station, where staff carry out a range of scientific investigations from astrophysics to seismology, is currently being rebuilt in a £76m project.

After reports of the fight reached staff at McMurdo station, the headquarters of the US Antarctic Programme, which is located on Ross Island, a US Air Force Hercules was sent to pick up the injured man and the other worker.

$54,000 bottle of whiskey

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

 This rare Scotch is one pricey potable

If Santa gives you this gift for Christmas, you’ve really been exceptionally good this year: A bottle of 81-year-old Scotch sold for $54,000 earlier this month at New York’s first liquor auction since Prohibition.

It became the most expensive bottle of Scotch whisky ever sold by the auction house, said Christie’s, which has been holding similar sales in Europe for a decade.

Bad Santas Riot in New Zealand

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Drunk Santas Cause Chaos in New Zealand 

A gang of drunken Santas ran riot through a Christchurch cinema complex at the weekend, pushing families waiting to see the film Enchanted, ripping posters off the walls and shouting “Ho, f……. ho,” a newspaper reported on Monday. “They were kicking things over, ripping down posters and smashing everything in sight,” said Kate Gorman, 35, who was in the cinema with her two children, aged 6 and 7.

“Everyone I’ve treated tonight has been drunk – this is ridiculous”

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Aboard the ‘Booze Bus’

A “drunks-only” ambulance is mobilised on occasions of widespread drunkenness in central London. What’s it like aboard the “Booze Bus” on one of the busiest party nights of the year?

“I love the job – I like being able to make a difference. No two days are ever the same,” says paramedic Brian Hayes with a jovial grin as he describes his job.

Over the course of a 12-hour shift on Friday night, he and his two colleagues on the Alternative Response Vehicle – or Booze Bus, as it’s more commonly known – draw on their reserves of composure, ingenuity and stoicism to treat more than 20 dazed drunks.

At St Thomas’ Hospital, where some of these patients are taken, a visibly-frustrated doctor speaks despairingly of dealing with a tide of alcohol-related problems, instead of people who are seriously ill.

Yet another reason not to pee in public

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Pup latches onto urinating man

A DRUNKEN man urinating through a fence got a nasty surprise when a playful puppy in the adjoining lot latched onto his member.
Kann Veasna took a break from drinking wine at a street stall to relieve himself through a hole in a fence, according to news agency DPA.

However a puppy spotted the Mr Veasna’s appendage as it poked through and apparently thinking it was a toy latched on, newspaper Rasmei Kampuchea reported.

Fire Chief drunk driving on the job

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Chief accused of drunk fire truck racing

A fire chief in Penobscot County has been charged with being drunk behind the wheel while driving a fire truck with its lights on and its sirens going.

Russell Banks of Burlington was arrested around midnight Saturday after a resident complained that Banks was racing a fire tanker by his home even though there was no fire in the area.