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Haitians lynching sorcerors to stop the spread of cholera

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

45 people lynched amid Haiti cholera fears:

Angry Haitian mobs have lynched at least 45 people in recent weeks, accusing them of spreading a cholera outbreak that has killed over 2500 people across the country, officials said.

The number included at least 14 suspected sorcerers previously known to have been lynched in the far southwestern region of Grand’Anse as local people feared they were spreading cholera with a magical substance. The area has been largely spared by the outbreak.

“We have counted 40 people dead in Grand’Anse department alone, where people are attacking natural healers they accuse of cholera-linked witchcraft,” said communications ministry official Moise Fritz Evens.

Five other people were killed in similar circumstances elsewhere in the country.

Aliens after England’s Sheep – next they’ll come for the English Sheeple

Monday, April 5th, 2010

UFO hunter: Aliens killing sheep

A British UFO hunter said he is convinced extraterrestrials are behind recent sheep mutilations on the country’s farms — and claims he witnessed such an event.

Phil Hoyle, 53, of Shrewsbury, England — who said he has been investigating British livestock mutilations for nine years — said he and members of his Animal Pathology Field Unit team witnessed two UFOs using some sort of light to zap sheep and releasing smaller versions of themselves closer to the animals, The Sun reported Monday.

“For a short while it looked more like a Star Wars battle,” he said of the purported incident at a Welsh farm near Radnor Forest.

“The technology involved in these attacks is frightening. These lights and spheres are clearly not ours. They are built by technology and intelligence that’s not from here,” Hoyle said.

Dutch paving the way to off their tiresome elders

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Holland proposes giving over-70s who ‘consider their lives complete’ the right to die

Assisted suicide for anyone over 70 who has simply had enough of life is being considered in Holland.

Non-doctors would be trained to administer a lethal potion to elderly people who ‘consider their lives complete’.

The radical move would be a world first and push the boundaries even further in the country that first legalised euthanasia.

The Dutch parliament is to debate the measure after campaigners for assisted suicide collected 112,500 signatures in a month.

Euthanasia has been available for the terminally ill in Holland since 2002 in cases of ‘hopeless and unbearable suffering’ certified by two doctors, but this would be a far bigger step.

And then they came for the NFL players, but I was not an NFL player, so I did nothing…

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

NFL to Ask Players to Donate Brains for Study:

The NFL is partnering with Boston University brain researchers who have been critical of the league’s stance on concussions, The Associated Press has learned.

The league is going to encourage current and former NFL players to agree to donate their brains to the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed the league also is committed to giving $1 million or more to the center.

Aiello said the league has held discussions with the NFL Alumni Association about suggesting retired players look into participating in BU’s work.

Then they came for the women, but I was not a woman, so I said nothing…

Monday, November 16th, 2009

New U.S. guidelines: routine mammograms start at 50:

Sweeping new U.S. breast cancer guidelines released on Monday recommend against routine mammograms for women in their 40s, but several groups immediately rebelled against the recommendations.

The new guidelines by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an influential panel of independent experts, would sharply curtail the number of breast mammograms done in the United States, sparing women the worry of false alarms and the cost and trouble of extra tests.

The guidelines, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, are based largely on computer projections from six independent research groups in the United States and Europe.

They predicted that screening women 50 to 69 every other year will catch nearly as many breast cancers — 81 percent — while producing half as many false positive results.

“Although the USPSTF recognizes that the benefit of screening seems equivalent for women aged 40 to 49 years and 50 to 59 years, the incidence of breast cancer and the consequences differ,” the task force, sponsored by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, wrote.

The group’s last recommendations in 2002 called for routine mammograms every one to two years for all women older than 40.

Now, they recommend no routine screening for women in their 40s, and instead suggest these women decide for themselves when to start after weighing the risks and benefits.

Then they came for the hermaphrodites, but I was not a hermaphrodite, so I did nothing…

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Caster Semenya, woman who rocked athletics world, ‘is hermaphrodite’

Sex tests carried out on Caster Semenya, the world 800 metres champion, show that she is a hermaphrodite, a source close to the case claimed last night.

If the allegation is backed up by the official results, the South African may find herself stripped of her gold medal and banned from racing.

The IAAF, the world governing body, refused to comment on the claim last night, but earlier in the day its general secretary, Pierre Weiss, said: “It is clear that she is a woman but maybe not 100 per cent.”

Semenya was believed to have gone into hiding last night and it is understood she is unlikely to appear in her first race since winning the gold last month. Her coach, Michael Seme, said he was now uncertain whether Semenya would compete at the 4,000 metres women’s event at the South African national cross-country championships in Pretoria tomorrow.

Leonard Chuene, the president of Athletics South Africa (ASA), which has been vocal in its criticism of the IAAF, said: “We cannot get involved in gossip of this sort. Our people will speak to Caster and ensure that she puts these rumours from her mind.”

Then they came with the bulldozers, but I said nothing…

Friday, June 12th, 2009

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive

Dozens of US cities may have entire neighbourhoods bulldozed as part of drastic “shrink to survive” proposals being considered by the Obama administration to tackle economic decline.

The government looking at expanding a pioneering scheme in Flint, one of the poorest US cities, which involves razing entire districts and returning the land to nature. Local politicians believe the city must contract by as much as 40 per cent, concentrating the dwindling population and local services into a more viable area.

The radical experiment is the brainchild of Dan Kildee, treasurer of Genesee County, which includes Flint. Having outlined his strategy to Barack Obama during the election campaign, Mr Kildee has now been approached by the US government and a group of charities who want him to apply what he has learnt to the rest of the country.

Mr Kildee said he will concentrate on 50 cities, identified in a recent study by the Brookings Institution, an influential Washington think-tank, as potentially needing to shrink substantially to cope with their declining fortunes.

Most are former industrial cities in the “rust belt” of America’s Mid-West and North East. They include Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Memphis.

“…then they came for the bloggers, but I was not a blogger, so I said nothing…”

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Advertisers brace for online viral marketing curbs:

Advertisers in the US are bracing themselves for regulatory changes that they fear will curtail their efforts to tap into the fast-growing online social media phenomenon.

Revised guidelines on endorsements and testimonials by the Federal Trade Commission, now under review and expected to be adopted, would hold companies liable for untruthful statements made by bloggers and users of social networking sites who receive samples of their products.

The guidelines would also hold bloggers liable for the statements they make about products. If a blogger received a free sample of skin lotion and then incorrectly claimed the product cured eczema, the FTC could sue the company for making false or unsubstantiated statements. The blogger could be sued for making false representations.

“This impacts every industry and almost every single brand in our economy, and that trickles down into social media,” said Anthony DiResta, an attorney representing several advertising associations.

Then they came for the yoga students, but I was not a yoga student…

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

After trousers, Malaysia Muslim body targets yoga

Not content with banning women from wearing trousers, Malaysia’s top Islamic council now wants a ban on yoga, according to a report on state news agency Bernama. The National Fatwa Council’s Deputy Director-General Othman Mustapha told reporters after a seminar on Islamic jurisprudence on Thursday that the announcement would be made soon. Professor Zakaria Stapa of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Islamic Studies Centre told the seminar on Wednesday that Muslims who had taken up yoga should stop practising as it could damage their faith, Bernama said.