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Our Federal Government At Work Again

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

New Yorkers outraged as bureaucrats order city to change lettering on every single street sign:

The city will change the lettering on every single street sign – at an estimated cost of about $27.5 million – because the feds don’t like the font.

Street names will change from all capital letters to a combination of upper and lower case on roads across the country thanks to the pricey federal regulation, officials said Wednesday.

By 2018, MADISON AVE. will become Madison Ave. and will be printed in a font called Clearview, the city Department of Transportation says.

The Federal Highway Administration says the switch will improve safety because drivers identify the words more quickly when they’re displayed that way – and can sooner return their eyes to the road.

Stuxnet totally hoses Iran

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

An alarmed Iran asks for outside help to stop rampaging Stuxnet malworm

Tehran this week secretly appealed to a number of computer security experts in West and East Europe with offers of handsome fees for consultations on ways to exorcize the Stuxnet worm spreading havoc through the computer networks and administrative software of its most important industrial complexes and military command centers.

debkafile’s intelligence and Iranian sources report Iran turned for outside help after local computer experts failed to remove the destructive virus.

None of the foreign experts has so far come forward because Tehran refuses to provide precise information on the sensitive centers and systems under attack and give the visiting specialists the locations where they would need to work.

They were not told whether they would be called on to work outside Tehran or given access to affected sites to study how they function and how the malworm managed to disable them.

Iran also refuses to give out data on the changes its engineers have made to imported SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, mostly from Germany.

The impression debkafile sources gained Wednesday, Sept. 29 from talking to European computer experts approached for aid was that the Iranians are getting desperate.

Not only have their own attempts to defeat the invading worm failed, but they made matters worse: The malworm became more aggressive and returned to the attack on parts of the systems damaged in the initial attack.

Aliens messing with our nukes!

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots:

Aliens have landed, infiltrated British nuclear missile sites and deactivated the weapons, according to US military pilots.

The beings have repeated their efforts in the US and have been active since 1948, the men said, and accused the respective governments of trying to keep the information secret.

The unlikely claims were compiled by six former US airmen and another member of the military who interviewed or researched the evidence of 120 ex-military personnel.

The information they have collected suggests that aliens could have landed on Earth as recently as seven years ago.

The men’s aim is to press the two governments to recognise the long-standing extra-terrestrial visits as fact.

Shagging the Kings #12 Wife Not Too Brite

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Polygamist King Mswati of Swaziland fires justice minister after affair with 1 of 14 wives

The polygamous king of Swaziland has fired his justice minister after the politician was caught red-handed having an affair with one of the king’s 14 wives.

King Mswati III acted after pictures emerged of his minister Ndumiso Mamba hiding in the base of his adulterous wife’s bed.

The astonishing images show security officials standing around the upturned bed looking down at the forlorn minister.

Rumours that King Mswati III’s twelfth wife, 22-year-old Nothando Dube – a former Miss Teen Swaziland – had been having an affair have circulated inside the country for weeks.

While local media are banned from reporting the scandal, it was widely rumoured that Mrs Dube liked to disguise herself as a soldier in order to sneak out of the royal palace and meet her lover undetected.

It’s never easy to evict a hoarder

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

DC Woman Evicted From Home Was A Hoarder:

An eviction in D.C. turned into a bigger job than anyone could have ever expected.

The woman being kicked out is a hoarder.

What was in her home was enough to fill ten houses.

All of it wound up piled up on both sides of her street and a block down another. It took a small army to move it all.

A moving company hauled away about half of it.

The city loaded up seven dump trucks and took the rest to a storage facility.

“I’ve never, never, never seen anything like this in my life,” said neighbor Rhonda Carter.

Furniture, old electronics, box after box of stuff by the thousands were piled up on both sides of the street for two blocks, stacked four feet high.

“My thought was maybe about 15 people had just gotten set out,” said Donnell Thompkins, who came by to visit his brother.

Teachers of the Year

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Two Boiling Springs teachers accused of sex with minors

Two Boiling Springs teachers are facing charges after deputies say they threw parties for teenagers that involved alcohol, marijuana and sex.

Sarah Jane Lindsay, 42, of 438 Maplecroft St., and Audrey Beidleman Grabarkiewicz, 44, of 230 Sandy Drive, were taken into custody by Spartanburg County sheriff’s deputies Monday.

Police had been investigating since a parent came forward with a complaint in July.

Lindsay, a teacher at Boiling Springs Elementary, is charged with nine counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and criminal sexual conduct with a minor between 11 and 14 years old.

Grabarkiewicz, a preschool teacher at Lake Bowen Baptist Church, is charged with 10 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Investigators said Grabarkiewicz also had “sexual relations with some of the victims,” but, because they were older than 16, she will not be charged, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

Mother of the Year

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Mom jailed after Palmetto High student fight

The mother of a 16-year-old Palmetto High School student was arrested Wednesday on child abuse charges, accused of encouraging her daughter to fight another student, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office reported.

The girl told her mother, April Newcomb, that she was planning to fight another 16-year-old girl Friday in an empty lot on 17th Street West near Emerson Point, the report stated.

According to the report, the fight was over when deputies arrived.

In the video, Newcomb, 39, is not shown making any attempt to stop the fight, the report stated.

Stuxnet AttackWare: Coming Soon to a Nuke Plant Near You

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Stuxnet malware is ‘weapon’ out to destroy … Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant?

Cyber security experts say they have identified the world’s first known cyber super weapon designed specifically to destroy a real-world target – a factory, a refinery, or just maybe a nuclear power plant.

The cyber worm, called Stuxnet, has been the object of intense study since its detection in June. As more has become known about it, alarm about its capabilities and purpose have grown.

Some top cyber security experts now say Stuxnet’s arrival heralds something blindingly new: a cyber weapon created to cross from the digital realm to the physical world – to destroy something.

At least one expert who has extensively studied the malicious software, or malware, suggests Stuxnet may have already attacked its target – and that it may have been Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant, which much of the world condemns as a nuclear weapons threat.

How not to destroy seized ganja

Monday, September 20th, 2010

N.Zealand burn-off sends dope smoke over school

Police in New Zealand burning off seized cannabis were left red-faced when a change in the wind sent smoke billowing over a primary school, it was reported Tuesday.

Officers in the South Island town of Picton were destroying cannabis and shredded paper in an incinerator at the local police station when the incident occurred, the Marlborough Express newspaper reported.

It said St Joseph’s School principal Peter Knowles noticed the smoke on Friday morning and complained to police, who immediately extinguished the fire.

Bees on the rampage in Texas

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Man suffers shocking injuries after being stung 1200 times by angry swarm of bees

AN AMERICAN stung 1200 times by a swarm of bees as he mowed his lawn has amazed doctors and family with his survival.

Lamar LaCaze, 65, was riding his tractor when he was suddenly set upon by the bees near his home in San Marcos, 270 kilometres, west of Houston, Texas, last month.

 ”The bees … just flashed up in my face,” he told the San Marcos Daily Record. “I couldn’t stand up. They just keep [sic] buzzing me.”

Mr LaCaze got off his tractor and tried to call his wife, but was unable to reach her. He was not rescued until his son, Trey, arrived home and, having found his father slumped over a fence, called emergency services.

“He was not moving. When I went to pull him out he looked up. His head was black, solid bees. It looked like a bee hive on his head,” Trey LaCaze said.

Doctors pulled more than 1200 stingers out of Mr LacCaze’s body, and also pulled whole bees from his ears, nose, mouth and throat

Burning down your former employer not too brite

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Fired Domino’s pizza worker torches two of chain’s stores: authorities:

Guess he likes his crust crispy and burnt.

A pyromaniac pizza-maker fired from his job at Domino’s decided to turn up the heat on his former employer — torching two of the chain’s Bronx restaurants by setting fire to pizza boxes, authorities said today.

The antics of accused arsonist Jamal Thomas threatened the life of at least one person and cost Domino’s more than $1 million in building damage and lost business, according to FDNY officials.

“Domino’s is a terrible place to work,” griped Thomas, 24, to authorities after his bust, according to court papers.

“They didn’t treat me right. They are terrible to workers. I was punched at work, and nobody helped me.”

Microsoft vs. Pooty-Poot, round 2

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Microsoft Changes Policy Over Russian Crackdown

Microsoft announced sweeping changes on Monday to its software policy in Russia, responding to criticism that it has been supporting a crackdown on dissent.

The company essentially prohibited its Russian division from taking part in piracy cases against government opponents and declared that it would thwart any attempt by the authorities, in this country and elsewhere, to use such inquiries to exert political pressure.

The security services in recent years have seized computers from dozens of outspoken advocacy groups and opposition newspapers in raids that all but paralyzed their operations.

Officials claim that they are merely investigating the piracy of Microsoft software, but the searches typically happen when these groups are seeking to draw attention to a cause or event.

Mother of the Year

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Mother obsessed with computer game neglects her three children and lets two dogs starve to death

A mother neglected her three children and let her dogs starve to death because she was so obsessed with a computer game.

The 33-year-old woman played the Small World game almost non-stop on the internet for months while her children were reduced to eating cold baked beans straight from the tin with their fingers.

Her home became filthy, with rubbish strewn over the floor and the bodies of her two dogs, a German shepherd and a lurcher, left for two months in the dining room it was revealed.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been given a suspended jail sentence and banned from using the internet by a judge in Kent.

Human sacrifice alive and well in India

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Father sacrifices newborn girl child in Gujarat to please deity

In a shocking incident, a father scarified his newborn girl child to keep his promise to his family deity Kitotarmata.

The man, Narottam Mana Devipujak, threw his child in a drain near his house in Sundarpuri, a busy slum area of Gandhidham.

“We have arrested the accused for this heinous crime,” said MK Jadeja, police inspector of A-division police station, on Monday.

“Narottam Devipujak was produced before the magistrate in Gandhidham court today.”

 According to the details of the case, the incident took place on Janmashtami night.

Narottam, who sells vegetables from a kiosk, had vowed that he would offer a male goat to the goddess if a son was born to him.

But if a girl child was born, he had sworn that he would straightway offer the child to the deity.

Oops of the week

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Cruise Passenger Mistakenly Arrested for Prostitution

Getty Images The end of a woman’s pleasure cruise turned into a nightmare in Fort Lauderdale when she was mistakenly arrested for prostitution just moments after she got off the ship Monday night. What’s worse is she was carrying her 9-month old son at the time.

Now the woman, Paola Londono of Orlando, is fighting a crime she didn’t commit and understandably upset about the entire ordeal.

“Her baby was taken from her arms,” Londono’s attorney, Jose Baez told the Sun-Sentinel.

“She insisted immediately that it was not her.”

The Broward Sheriff’s Office admits this was a case of mistaken identity. Once Londono appeared on the cruise ship’s guest list, it sent off red flags to authorities for a woman with the same name who was wanted for prostitution and drug possession in Osceola County.

The woman on the run was from the same area, and had the same name and birth date as Londono – with one noticeable difference. The cruise passenger is 32 and the alleged prostitute is 24.

“It’s extremely disappointing that in this day and age, this kind of issue can’t be resolved in a matter of seconds,” Baez said. The Osceola Sheriff’s Office confirmed there was an error and that Londono – the one on a cruise – should not have been arrested.

Crime Headline of the Year

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Butts Arrested in Boob Murder Case

Police have arrested a third person in connection with the murder of Samuel Boob.

Boob was shot and killed at his home in Potter Township, Centre County, on the morning of August 23rd, 2009.

Kermit Butts, 26, of Madisonburg, is accused of driving the suspected killer to and from the crime scene on the morning of the killing.

He was charged with aggravated assault and assisting a murder suspect and placed in the Centre County Prison.

Memo to Ferrari designers: Dont use flammable glue near the engine!

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Ferrari Recalls 1,248 Cars due to Fire Hazard 

Ferrari says it is recalling 1,248 of its 458 Italia supercars after reports of fires breaking out in five of the luxury vehicles in several countries.

The Italian carmaker said Thursday it wants to replace an adhesive that in some circumstances can melt due to overheating and possibly ignite.

Fires in the car that sells for euro197,000 ($253,000) have been reported in California, Switzerland, China and France.

Ferrari spokesman Stefano Lai says the company will be asking the owners of 1,248 cars produced before July 2010 to bring them in to have the glue replaced with mechanical fasteners.

Today it is Russia, tomorrow it will be your country

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

‘People should smoke and drink more’, says Russian finance minister

Russia’s finance minister has told people to smoke and drink more, explaining that higher consumption would help lift tax revenues for spending on social services.

Speaking as the Russian government announces plan to raise duty on alcohol and cigarettes, Alexei Kudrin said that by smoking a pack, “you are giving more to help solve social problems such as boosting demographics, developing other social services and upholding birth rates”.

“People should understand: Those who drink, those who smoke are doing more to help the state,” he told the Interfax news agency.