Wikipedia: You get what you pay for!

Wikipedia’s Image Is Tarnished as an Editor Is Exposed as Fraud 

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, has been plunged into controversy after one of its most prolific contributors and editors, a professor with degrees in theology and canon law, was exposed as a 24-year-old college dropout.

 The editor, who called himself Essjay, was recruited by staff at Wikipedia to work on the site’s arbitration committee, a team of expert administrators charged with vetting content on the “free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.”

But no one apparently vetted the credentials of Essjay, who claimed to be a professor of religion at a private university and contributed to an estimated 20,000 Wikipedia entries.

Essjay was Ryan Jordan, a 24-year-old from Kentucky with no advanced degrees who used texts such as “Catholicism for Dummies” to help him correct articles on the penitential rite or transubstantiation.

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